My name is Abby and this is the story of how Simply Natural Solutions began. Several years ago, my husband was experiencing a severe case of itchy and dry skin. After trying many of the products that were out on the market at the time, nothing seemed to help. At that point, I began to do some research into the ingredients that were in skincare products in hopes of finding a solution. After an extensive search, I came across a group based out of Tennessee that made all-natural and organic skin products. Shortly after my husband began using the products, he saw a drastic improvement in the health of his skin and I knew we had found our answer. Simply put, it was a blessing! At that point I made the decision to start an all-natural and organic skincare company that could help other people that are dealing with skin conditions, or want smooth and healthy skin. I am proud of the products we offer and know that you will love them too! 

About Simply Natural


At Simply Natural Solutions, #simplynatural, our mission is to provide all-natural and #organic #skin care products all around the world. If you are looking for a healthier solution for your skin, our #handmade products are an all-natural, earth friendly line that includes #soaps, #lotions, bath bombs, sea salt scrubs, therapeutic #oils and #candles. Our wide variety of products are designed for your ultimate relaxation and health. A multitude of fragrances are available for you to choose from, with our goal being 100% satisfaction. All our recipes have been in the family for several generations and the ingredients are completely environmentally friendly. Our products are entirely made with organic shea butter and with many of the finest organic oils from around the world. Products are also made with homegrown herbs that can treat all sorts of ailments. We continue to focus on procuring only the richest #natural ingredients and combining them with a wide variety of fragrances. We are a proud North Carolina company and look forward to serving you now and in the future!